"It Will Make Compelling Viewing" - Jeremy Kyle Lands New TV Project 8 years ago

"It Will Make Compelling Viewing" - Jeremy Kyle Lands New TV Project

Jeremy Kyle is to present a new show for ITV entitled Emergency Room.

According to reports, the show will be a mix of Jeremy's current chat show and Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies.


An insider spoke to The Sun: "Jeremy's used to lie detector tests and working out who slept with who but now he wants to go a bit deeper.

"He wants to help people with their health issues and knows that this could expose some interesting stories.

"Obviously he's not a doctor but he will have access to top medical services to help".

Ok Online reports that ITV are now looking for people to appear on the show before filming begins in September.



The source continued: "The Jeremy Kyle Show attracts some colourful guests to say the least so, so if Emergency Room gets similar types of people with dodgy medical conditions it will make for pretty compelling viewing.

"Some of it may be a little bit choice and not to everyone's taste but ITV is convinced it's going to be a sure-fire hit with daytime viewers.

"Jeremy is known for being pretty harsh and doesn't tend to pull his punches, so it's debatable whether he will have the best bedside manner when dealing with people's illnesses".