Jodie Turner-Smith's room was burgled during Cannes film fest 10 months ago

Jodie Turner-Smith's room was burgled during Cannes film fest

The incident took place in the Marriott Hotel on Friday morning.

British actress Jodie Turner-Smith had a number of precious items stolen from her, after thieves broke into her hotel room in Cannes.


Turner-Smith was having breakfast when her room was raided by burglars. Among the items stolen was her mother's wedding ring.

The night before the incident, Turner-Smith was decked out in gold and diamond jewellery on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. It is suspected that the thieves were looking for those jewels in particular. However, as they were on loan, they had since been returned to Gucci.

The actress, who was attending the premiere of her film After Yang, was staying in the Marriott Hotel with her one-year old daughter.

The local newspaper, NiceMatin, reported that there was no sign of forced entry to Jodie's hotel room, which is opened using a magnetic key card.


This isn't the first suspected jewel heist to take place during the illustrious Cannes Film Festival. In 2013, thieves stole $1 million worth of Chopard jewellery from the Novotel Suite.

Jodie Turner-Smith has since changed hotels and upped security measures following the incident.

It's understood that the French police are working in conjunction with the hotel to carry out a full investigation.


The actress took to Twitter to explain that she spent time at the police station reporting the theft.

"didn't think i would be spending 2.5 hours in the police station on my final day in cannes, but here we are," she wrote.

Despite the ordeal, Jodie continued to attend events to promote her latest film at the festival.

Kogonada's After Yang sees Jodie play Colin Farrell's wife. In the film, Farrell's character attempts to save the life of the couple's live-in robot.


Since its premiere on 8 July, the film's received mostly positive reviews.