Joe Swash has cut Stacey Solomon's 30th birthday trip short, for a fair reason 2 years ago

Joe Swash has cut Stacey Solomon's 30th birthday trip short, for a fair reason

We kind of get it!

The lovely Stacey Solomon is celebrating her 30th birthday this month!


And she's been celebrating as any woman should.

Herself and Joe Swash headed to Brussels for the weekend, but cut the trip short.

Stacey was showing her fans a restaurant in her story and said: "Joe's got the hump - what's the matter?"

Joe replied:

"Well I thought we were going to go for a steak and you have booked a two Michelin Star restaurant knowing that I will pay for it."

The pair were clearly getting on eachother's nerves.

"It's my birthday!" argued Stacey.


"Yeah, and it ain't f***ing stopped", snapped Joe in response to Stacey.

"It's gone on for a week, you're like the queen."

She's dead right in fairness.


Apologising to her followers for Joe's language, Stacey tried to make light of the situation, quipping that she was the queen of his heart.

However, the couple eventually cut the weekend celebrations short jumping back on the Eurostar heading home.

Stacey filmed a video saying:

"Brussels was... Interesting... But we had an emotional morning this morning because both of us just want to go home to our babies."


"We got an earlier train."

She captioned the video on Instagram:

"We love each other very much, but we're realised alone time is nice for a little while then it just hurts the tummy."

Stacey then filmed Joe driving back to their house, and she said:


"We are in London and finally almost home, can't bloody come quick enough."

Cute! Happy Birthday Stacey.