Jonathan Ross Calls Ariana Grande A ‘Lazy F*cker’ After Show Snub 5 years ago

Jonathan Ross Calls Ariana Grande A ‘Lazy F*cker’ After Show Snub

Jonathan Ross has slammed Ariana Grande as a “lazy f*cker” after she failed to turn up to record his show.

The 22-year old singer, who was booked to perform on the show which airs on Saturday night, didn’t manage to make her appearance, and failed to let Ross’ production team know in advance.


Addressing his television audience, the presenter apologised on behalf of the no-show – but warned that both him and the record company had been left out of the loop:

“Ariana is in town. We were told she would be in the car at 6pm to be here for 7pm then it got to 7pm and she was not in the car; 7.30pm and she was still not in the motherf*****g car.

“So I don’t think we can hold out much hope. I don’t know what it is.

Image: ITV

“She was booked and we have people from the record company here. They seem as perplexed by this behaviour as we are.

“I apologise to anyone who might have come along hoping to see her. She was booked but the lazy little f****r has not come. Maybe she has gone to her first Nandos?”


The singer’s absence was filled in by the other guests on the night – including Sheridan Smith, Danny DeVito and Joan Collins.

This is the not first time Grande has courted controversy for her behaviour, after being labelled a diva.

Earlier this year, she was also forced to apologise after a video emerged of her seemingly licking doughnuts and saying she hates America.