Kate Garraway says husband Derek Draper is talking again as he recovers 1 year ago

Kate Garraway says husband Derek Draper is talking again as he recovers

The TV presenter said that there has been "little moments of recognition and reaction" from her partner.

Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway has shared some positive news regarding her husband Derek's health.


Last year, Derek Draper was put into a coma when he was hospitalised with Covid-19.

He emerged from the coma last summer, and last month doctors allowed him to return home after a full year in hospital. He is currently receiving round-the-clock care.

Live on air this morning, Kate revealed that her husband is speaking again.

"I actually walked in, just before I was about to leave the house, to go to Smooth Radio," she said.


"I said 'Right, I am going to go to Smooth now' and he said 'New dress?' which was just amazing. And it was, actually."

Kate spoke about the impact his comment had on her:

"I thought that was amazing on so many levels because he recognised it. Second, he remembered and realised that I need a lot of flattery, so there was some recognition of what our relationship was based on."


Kate added that there have been "little moments of recognition and reaction" throughout his recovery.

The ITV documentary Finding Derek released earlier this year, followed Kate as she prepared for her husband to come home.

The programme shone a light on the extent of Derek's illness as well as its effect on the rest of her family.


Last month, a source told The Sun that Derek's wife and children were eagerly awaiting his return:

"Kate’s dreamt of this day for so long, and can’t thank wonderful NHS staff enough."

They added: "The children, who have been so remarkably resilient, have been so, so happy to have their dad home. There have been a lot of happy tears from everyone."