Kate Middleton might be getting her own TV show 7 months ago

Kate Middleton might be getting her own TV show

Now this is interesting.

It's looking like Kate Middleton might be getting her very own TV show after getting inspiration from her other family members.


Stepping into the world of television, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and her own husband Prince William have all had their try at TV, so now it seems like it's Kate's turn.

According to MailOnline, Kate has been in talks with a a high-powered television executive over the last week and is in discussion about a show that focuses on early childhood development.

Said to have been in talks with David Glover, the man behind Channel 4's hit Gogglebox. He also worked with physicist Stephen Hawking on a lot of his TV work.


"Catherine is very interested in a programme," a source told MailOnline. "She thinks it could be a really significant way to explore an important subject. She’s been very impressed with William’s efforts and knows how much he enjoyed making his Earthshot series."

These reports come as Prince William's environmental series with David Attenborough began on BBC1 this week.

But it isn't just the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge jumping into the TV world as Prince Harry and Meghan signed a huge Netflix deal worth an estimated €86 million to make films and TV shows.

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Kate revealed this week that as part of her work with early childhood development, she has been looking back on her ancestry, going back four generations of her family.

Kate is also said to have met with academics from the Children Of The 2020s project, which looks into early childhood development of children born during the pandemic.

It focuses on how these children's live will be different over the next five years as a result of the impact of Covid-19.

While it may not have anything to do with the series, a royal source told MailOnline that these meetings were "preliminary and for research purposes."