Pop singer Kelsy Karter just got a massive Harry Styles tattoo on her FACE 3 years ago

Pop singer Kelsy Karter just got a massive Harry Styles tattoo on her FACE

Oh, it's real alright...

Listen, we all know people who are musician super fans.


They listen to albums on repeat, stick posters on their walls and buy all the merchandise.

And, on occasion, they get a tattoo to signify their true love for an artist, or a song.

Well, some people take it way too far.

Pop singer Kelsy Karter is a pretty big fan of Harry Style (aren't we all sure?)


To celebrate Harry's birthday, Kelsy decided to get a tattoo in his honour.

And wow, did she bloody commit.

Kelsy got a pretty sizeable tattoo of Harry's face... on her face!


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mama, look what i made me do

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Yep, the 27 year old performer has officially gotten a portrait of the former One Direction star on her right cheek.

Wow. Just wow.

The 'master' behind this madness is tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste, who owns The California Dream Tattoo shop in LA.

Kelsy posted the snap of her new ink on Instagram, with the caption: "Mama, look what I made me do!"


Naturally, people reacted with shock (and some were genuinely appalled.)

"You could of chosen a more suitable tattoo artist that actually specialises in portrait. Your tattoo looks nothing like @harrystyles your tattoo looks like a man pig," wrote one follower.

Another said: "How the hell are you going to get this removed?" - a fair point.

Anyway, maybe this is all part of a weird and elaborate joke.