Kim Kardashian has gloriously failed to read the room 1 year ago

Kim Kardashian has gloriously failed to read the room

Kim Kardashian has unfortunately failed to read the room.

The room in question is filled with people who haven't been able to safely leave it since March, and the unfortunateness has been borne out of Kim Kardashian going on a lovely holiday in the middle of a pandemic.


And posting about it on Twitter.

The event in question occurred to mark the reality TV star's 40th birthday, in which she spent some quality time with her friends and family members (otherwise known as her inner circle). On a private island. To pretend things were normal.

"After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time," she wrote on Twitter.

There are a couple of things to note here. The first is that spending your 40th on a private island is, unfortunately, not "normal."


The second is that detailing the event on Twitter (of all places!) is undeniably going to lead to an intense and pointed backlash that is, in this case, deserved.

Aside from the apparent health screenings and the request that everyone who attended the private island "quarantine" (for how long, we may never truly know), posting about your cool, fun, expensive trip with your friends in the middle of a pandemic that has left people unemployed, isolated, and depressed is, unsurprisingly, Not The One.


Naturally, people have been essentially tearing into the post since it was first shared. A quick search of the words "closest inner circle"on Twitter should suffice.



"We danced, rode bikes, swam near whales, kayaked, watched a movie on the beach and so much more," continued Kim.

"I realize that for most people, this is something that is so far out of reach right now, so in moments like these, I am humbly reminded of how privileged my life is."

Well, at least you're aware of it, girl.