Kylie Jenner accused of copying a makeup artist for her new campaign 5 years ago

Kylie Jenner accused of copying a makeup artist for her new campaign

In fairness, the two images are very similar.

There seems to be no end to the success of Kylie Jenner and her make-up range.


The reality star recently launched a sparkling new range for Christmas Collection featuring glittery metallic packaging.

To advertise the collection, Kyliecosmetics posted a photo of Kylie showing off her gold shadow colour over her hands and her ombré lip liner.

LA-based make-up artist Vlada Haggerty took a similar picture back in September and is now calling Kylie out, accusing her of copying Vlada's work.


The Ukranian make-up artist posted the two images side-by-side on Instagram with the caption:

''Really @kyliecosmetics? Haven't you gotten enough 'inspiration' from me already?
Left is a the work @juliakuzmenko,@brittrafuson and I shot a few months ago and right is @kyliecosmetics new campaign.''


Both Kylie and Vlada work with lip products so it is likely that two images were bound to come across as similar, however, the pictures above barely differ in any way.

People have been debating about it on both users Instagram accounts with the majority of people commenting on Kylie's page with the snake emoji.

''I'm with you!@vladamua this is truly appalling; how can someone not respect an artists true masterpiece. You're lovely & the true, genuine talent'' One said.


However, plenty of others have stuck up for Kylie claiming that it is a isn't a unique design and it's likely they are just similar.#

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