Lads, Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are just roaming around Dublin and the tweets are gas 9 months ago

Lads, Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers are just roaming around Dublin and the tweets are gas

Stop that now.

Over the last few days, tweets about Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers being in Ireland have been taking over social media, and we're so here for it.


The Kildare actor and his musician girlfriend have been spotted roaming the streets of Dublin, taking socially distanced pictures with fans like there's no tomorrow.

While some fans are serious in showing off their encounter with the famous couple, others have turned Paul coming home for Christmas into a meme, sure it's even seen the return of the Matt Le Blanc meme.

The pair were spotted in Dublin city centre, out for romantic strolls and doing all the regular things we all do in the lead up to Christmas, maybe the rich and famous are just like us after all.


But it definitely is all the tweets circling the app that has us all in bits, with some people getting very creative with the whole thing.

One person wrote: "Wonder what Phoebe Bridgers is going to think of that first sip of sweet, sweet Shloer that Paul Mescal's ma is gonna pour her on Xmas eve."

Another said: "My mam just met Paul Mescal’s uncle for coffee and he informed her that Paul’s new girlfriend is “very artsy”.




"Paul Mescal explaining the Angelus to Phoebe Bridgers: *BONG* Phoebe: So it just keeps bonding? *BONG* Paul: Yeah for about a minute, you just have to wait it out," a third joked, while a fourth simply said: "Pheobe Bridgers and Paul Mescal at midnight mass."

Another made a good point, saying: "Phoebe Bridgers with Paul Mescal at Tesco in Maynooth will never outdo the glitz of Reneé Zellweger with Damien Rice at Londis in Celbridge."

Think we'll just spend the rest of the day scrolling and laughing at these.