Lana Jenkins admits she stole one surprising thing from the Love Island villa 1 week ago

Lana Jenkins admits she stole one surprising thing from the Love Island villa

You won't believe what she took home...

Love Island might be over but we're still getting all the gossip and inside scoop about their time spent in the villa.


Kai and Sanam, the dark horses of this series, were crowned the winners on Monday with Ron and Lana runners up in second place.

Since the final, Lana Jenkins has spoken out about what she stole from the Love Island villa and we think you'll be surprised to hear what it is.

Chatting in a recent interview, the Ron and Lana were asked if they snuck anything into the villa or if they brought anything with them when they left.

"We’ve taken the plaques with our names on," Ron confessed.


To be fair, there probably won't be another Ron on the show for a while so why not.

Lana said: "I did steal the Addi-Bella baby bottle to give to Addison."

We always wonder if the islanders are allowed bring little things from home into the villa with them or take little tokens of the villa back with them but Love Island never cleared that up.

When Amber Gill won the reality show in 2019, she revealed that she took the island phone home with her because it had all the photos on it and she wanted to keep them.


That's so fair but she may have got some special treatment because she won, we don't know.

Were you surprised at what Lana and Ron stole from the villa?


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