Laura Perlongo and Nev Shulman respond to criticism of VMA outfit 6 years ago

Laura Perlongo and Nev Shulman respond to criticism of VMA outfit

It got a very mixed reaction.

The VMAs is always a huge topic of conversation, from the performances, to the winnings and the choice of outfits.


Many celebrities use the VMAs as an opportunity to wear something daring and fun. We saw that a big trend this year was the shirtless look, which several men and women went for, but the one person turning heads for the look was Laura Perlongo, fiancé of Catfish presenter Nev Shulman.

Some people praised her, for showing of her growing bump, while others questions why she chose to flaunt it.


The couple have responded to the criticism in an interview with ATTN.

Laura said that the reaction from celebrities on the night was extremely positive, especially from other mothers.

"Kim Kardashian loved it. Other pregnant women and women with children came up to me with praise and congratulations throughout the night.

She explained the pressure to look a certain way when pregnant.


That ‘way’ is hard to achieve even when you’re not pregnant. Be sexy, but not too sexy. Be confident, but wear something that fits our current standard of acceptable. When it came to choosing an outfit for last night, I wasn’t feeling the pregnancy options that were out there — they made me feel like a big blob or were tight and constricting. And yeah, I wanted to rep my fellow pregnant ladies (s/o to the baby bumps).

She said that confidence is so important.

I believe staying confident and accepting pregnant bodies for what they are is good for mental health, the health of our relationships and the overall health of our babies.

She said that because it was the VMAs she felt it was appropriate.


The VMAs, always a very skin-forward event, I thought I’d just be myself and wear something I felt good in. Something that expressed a little optimism. I like my pregnant body and felt hot. I hoped other pregnant women would relate to the feeling."

Fiancé Nev had his say on the look.

"Whoever says pregnant and sexy can't go together, you're wrong! Over the past eight months I've watched my fiancée carry and care for our child and transform into the magical goddess she is now and to me this is the most beautiful she has ever been. I couldn't be more proud of and inspired by her."

We're not sure it's a look we'd ever go for, but we love her confidence and Nev's supportive words.