Liam Payne explains why he and Cheryl named their firstborn 'Bear' 5 years ago

Liam Payne explains why he and Cheryl named their firstborn 'Bear'

Liam and Cheryl, probably one of the most-talked about celebrity couples of the year, recently welcomed their first child and decided to name him Bear.

This was the source of much attention because the little one's moniker is far from traditional and now Liam has explained how they came to a decision.


It seems that Bear was mainly Cheryl's choice for she prefers 'unique' names while Liam is more of a traditionalist at heart.

Apparently, Liam felt that as Cheryl was all the one to do 'all the work', he felt it was only fair that she have the deciding vote when it came to naming their precious bundle of joy.

The former One Direction star has been on a promotional tour of the United States in preparation for the release of his new music and fans have been sharing updates on the many public appearances he's made.

As you'll see from the below tweet, which details how Bear's name came about, the little boy is the source of much media attention and he's barely two months old.


According to reports, Cheryl is also planning a music comeback with plans to return to the recording studio over the next couple of months.

Exciting times for the new parents...