Lindsay Hamilton ends It Galz podcast after going solo 1 year ago

Lindsay Hamilton ends It Galz podcast after going solo

It's officially over.

Lindsay Hamilton has officially ended the It Galz podcast after going solo last year.


Splitting with former co-host Jenny Claffey back in the summer of 2021, Lindsay took on the podcast alone while Jenny went on to host a new podcast, Red Room.

Now only six months after going it alone, Lindsay announced on Instagram that It Galz would be no more, telling fans that she is looking to pursue other interests.

She wrote on Instagram Stories: "I also had to make the difficult decision to close it galz/x galz and will be focusing on pursuing other interests.

"As it was my only source of income as a single parent. This was a hugely stressful situation to figure out but I had to make the initial step in closing that chapter.



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"The impact living my life online was having on my mental health was not worth any wage."

The podcast was originally launched back in 2017, with the pair going on to headline shows in Dublin's Vicar Street.


In the middle of last year, a personal rift between caused them to disband their partnership and go their separate ways.

Speaking to Her last month, former It Galz host Jenny gave us an insight into the decision to end the podcast on her side, saying: "It's definitely a relief and the right thing for me to remove myself from being part of the content, I didn't want to be the focal point anymore. My life and my interests are very different now. And again the content with It Galz, I'm so proud of it but when I was given the opportunity to move on I knew I was going to do it."

It Galz became an instant success in the Irish podcast charts. It was centred around a mix of cultural commentary, girl talk and being more out there than other podcasts of a similar nature.