Little Sophie from The Holiday is all grown up, and looks like a total rockstar 3 months ago

Little Sophie from The Holiday is all grown up, and looks like a total rockstar

She looks SO different.

The Holiday is honestly one of the best Christmas movies/ movies in general.

We watch it every year in our cosiest pyjamas, and never get bored of it!

sophie from the holiday

However, we kind of forgot that the film was released 12 years ago, and obviously all the actors have moved on.

Sure, we've been keeping a (very) close eye on Jude Law, as well as Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.

But what about the other stars of The Holiday, that are lesser-known?

Take little Sophie as an example...Miffy Englefield was only seven when she played Jude Law's adorable daughter.

Fast forward 12 years, and she's no longer that sweet little girl! She's a full on grown up, and we feel old.

So naturally, we had a gawk around social media to find out what Miffy has been up to since her days as a child star.

The lovely Miffy has traded the world of acting for the world of music, and is now a working musician.

Her Instagram feed is full of images of her on stage, in pretty impressive punk attire.

Her Instagram bio says:

"Short, loud and mostly ridiculous. Hampshire based, pint sized punk rocker that can probably eat spicier food than you."

Miffy has not acted since The Holiday, but according to an interview with OK!, she's ruling nothing out.

"It's still something I'm ridiculously passionate about. I'd definitely love to work again in the acting world, the experiences I gained from the things I've done in the past were incredible and I'd love to carry it on."