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Long Gone Are The Days When Kate Middleton Shared Her Name With A Guinea Pig
The newlywed revealed her playground alias in a visit to her old school.

She now goes by the title The Duchess Of Cambridge but back in the day Kate Middleton had a less than glamourous schoolyard nickname.

The new royal revealed that she shared a name with her pet guinea pig during her school days and went by the name of Squeak.

On a visit to her old primary school, the Duchess said that she and her sister Pippa went by the names Pip and Squeak and even christened their guinea pigs after themselves.

Kate pictured at her old school yesterday

“I used to have a pair of guinea pigs. There was one called Pip and one called Squeak,” she said.

Kate showed up in a Alexander McQueen coat and continued to flaunt her dramatic (*wink wink*) new ‘do.

Kate wasn’t afraid to get her boots dirty as she took to the pitch to play a bit of hockey with some current students.


Kate played a bit of hockey before tucking into dessert

The royal reminisced about her school days and revealed that she used to climb the big trees on the grounds.

She then tucked into a rake of desserts including flapjacks and rice crispie puddings with her new friends.

Maybe Kate is eating for two? The evidence just keeps building up, doesn't it!

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