Looks like another Love Island couple could be heading down the aisle soon 4 years ago

Looks like another Love Island couple could be heading down the aisle soon

Looks like there could be more Love Island wedding bells on the way.

Gabby Allen has admitted Marcel Somerville is "saving up" to propose to her following their time on Love Island this summer.


The couple, who came in fourth on the 2017 summer series, recently took the leap and moved in together.

But it looks like there could be an even bigger move on the cards for them.

Following their costars Jess Shears and Dom Leaver's announcement, Gabby has revealed that Marcel is "saving up" to pop the question.

She told Yahoo Celeb:


“Marcel has told me he’s saving up for a ring.

"He told me this one night when we were on our way back home in a cab and I was like, ‘Oh My God!!!’

"He’s going to be reading this and might be like, ‘did I?’ Haha, yes you did!”

She added:

"When I met him it was just so simple. I’ve never felt like that with someone before.

"Usually you have an attraction and some form of chemistry or whatever, and then you have to work at it with them.

"But with him, it was this calm, easy going thing and the fact that we took it at the pace that we did.

"Now I’m so glad we did that because I think it stood us in good stead. I trust him more than I’ve ever trusted anyone."

The Liverpool dancer also insisted that she doesn't think it's too soon for their former Love Island housemates Jess and Dom to be taking things to the next level - as the relationships develop at a difference pace in the villa.


She added:

“I think in this situation nothing is too soon in my opinion because unless you experience it you can’t know how intense it is and how quickly these relationships develop.

"And I think Marcel and I, we’ve paced things, but we’re still moving in together.

"[Jess and Dom have] already been out of the villa for three months now, and they were talking about marriage and kids and stuff in the villa.

"Every time I see them they are very much in love. So, go for it!”