Lots of followers are saying the same thing about Suzanne Jackson's latest Instagram 3 years ago

Lots of followers are saying the same thing about Suzanne Jackson's latest Instagram

G'wan Sue.

Any woman who has gotten married will know that the baby speculation begins pretty much the moment you come home from honeymoon.


From the nosy Irish mammy knowingly asking whether there's "any news?" to the pregnancy rumours that have been dogging Meghan Markle this year, we all know that the pressure to start a family is seriously on once you've a ring on your finger.

Blogger Suzanne Jackson hasn't been immune to pregnancy talk since she and husband Dylan O'Connor got married last year - but she's just put a stop to it with a quick comeback.

The Dubliner, who is on holidays in Tenerife, posted an image of herself holding a glass of wine on Instagram last night.

Lots of the comments that rolled in from her followers indicated people had reckoned she had some baby news to share - but the wine indicates that she's definitely not expecting.

"Not pregnant," wrote one.

"What did I tell you," commented another.


"There's your theory gone," one fan wrote, to which Suzanne replied; "Yep not preggers" - showing that she's well aware of the speculation.

Suzanne has previously spoken out about becoming a mum but has said that it's not a priority right now.

"Of course we want a family, but right now all of my mind and energy is my brand," she told RSVP earlier this year.


"I know when I’m working I’m fully in work mode, nothing else gets a look in.

"When I do have kids I want to be able to give them my time. I couldn’t do that right now, I’m too engrossed.

"So for the next 12 months, I will fully focus on business and after that we will see what happens."