Love Island's Malin Andersson "pained" to talk about recent miscarriage 2 years ago

Love Island's Malin Andersson "pained" to talk about recent miscarriage

"I found out I was pregnant - and I then soon after miscarried."

Malin Andersson has shared the pain of experiencing a recent miscarriage, just two years after the passing of her daughter.


The Love Island star lost her daughter Consy less than a month after she was born in 2019. She had been born seven weeks premature the month before.

Andersson took to Instagram this week to explain why she had been absent from the app - she had had a miscarriage and now, she wanted to speak out about it.

"Obviously I have disappeared for a bit and I have had hundreds of messages from people asking if I am okay and sending me love," she wrote. "I appreciate every single message and it means a lot that you all want to make sure I am okay."

She went on: "Sometimes I need to take time to deal with my life privately, as my life is so public, I needed to take time out. The past few months haven’t been easy for me, but there is also something else I would like to address."


Malin went on to say that she has always been transparent and open about her own trauma and issues that are often considered taboo.

"I found out I was pregnant - and I then soon after miscarried," she said. "It pains me to talk about this in detail right now due to what happened to Consy.. but I want you all to know that miscarriage doesn’t discriminate and it can happen to anyone. Even when you think you have gone through enough.

"I’ll be fine - my strength never ceases to amaze me sometimes but I felt that I needed to share this with you all as I’ve never been one to hold anything back - especially when I know it can help someone else."

Malin's words come just over two years after the passing of her baby daughter. On what would have been her first birthday last year, the influencer shared a tribute to Consy, detailing that the pain of the loss is still very much real.


"An unexpected emergency c-section, to see your beautiful big brown eyes staring back at me. I didn’t get to hold you, but you know I would have if I could," she wrote.

"You’ve strengthened me, and reminded me of how important life is. You have showed me what is really important in this crazy world we are living in. You’ve showed me what TRUE love is, and I believe you have helped me through a lot of suffering I have endured this year by being my guardian angel."

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