Love Island's Wes says he's grand being 'sex free' following split from Megan 1 year ago

Love Island's Wes says he's grand being 'sex free' following split from Megan

Good for you, man.

Wes Nelson has said that he's fine being "sex free" for a bit following his split from Megan Barton Hanson.

The Love Island star said despite the fact that their relationship "fizzed out," their sex life remained "very healthy" during their time together.

Speaking publicly to The Sun about his ex for the first time since their breakup, he said:

“Do I miss the sex? Of course! But am I begging for it? No, I am quite happy training and just being sex free for now.”

“I want to see her be happy and if that means she moves on then so be it, as long as the next bloke makes her happier than I can. I’m not spiteful or nasty in that way.”

Wes admitted that it wasn't Megan's jealousy that ended things between them. Rather, there were "a series of yellow cards, not one red card."

He also said that although Megan wasn't comfortable with him having chemistry with Dancing On Ice partner Vanessa Bauer, that wasn't the prime reason for their split.

“Megan wasn’t jealous to the point she was going to end the relationship," he said. "There was just one time when she went off, but that was more a miscommunication, not jealousy."

The 20-year-old added that despite this, he doesn't see the pair getting back together any time soon.

“The way it stands, I don’t think so. It’s not just the show that’s caused it so we wouldn’t get back together after it. There wasn’t a final nail in the coffin.

“Every single person can name a person they know who’s been madly in love with someone, but years or months later, they grow apart or realise they weren’t the person they thought they were (...) It can be a combination of small things that makes it one big thing."

This comes after Megan deleted a series of photos of Wes from her Instagram account.

She also moved their pet hamster, Jon, into her mother's home.