Maura Higgins opens up about the times she broke down on Love Island 1 year ago

Maura Higgins opens up about the times she broke down on Love Island

She's a hero.

Between calling out lads on their toxic behaviour and tweeting about smear tests, Maura Higgins is a force to be reckoned with.

She's strong and takes no bullshit from anyone - but just like everyone else, she has her moments when she doesn't feel as strong as she is.

Maura has been quite open about it, taking time out after Love Island to adjust to her new life.

However, in her new Boohoo podcast Get The Scoop, she opened up about the moments she broke down while staying in the villa.

"My worst [moment] was missing my sister's wedding and missing my niece's birthday, oh my God I cried that day," she revealed.


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"It was also my best friend's two-year anniversary while I was away. I cried so many times.

"You have a lot of good moments, but then you have a lot of bad moments in there too because things get very heightened.

"I'm so proud of the fact I didn't give up because I was going to."

The Longford woman also said that she nearly walked off the show because she thought she'd never find someone to fall in love with.

"I actually stormed out of the villa and said 'I want to go home, I can't do it anymore, I can't find a man'. But I'm so proud that I got the strength to stay and carry on... and now look, I've got a man!"