Meghan and Harry nail art exists and it's... certainly interesting 4 years ago

Meghan and Harry nail art exists and it's... certainly interesting


It's been a whole five days since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot at Windsor Castle.


And while a lot of very important things have happen since then (GDPR training, anyone?), the only thing that people are talking about is the two of them getting married.

Well, that's a lie, it's not the only thing, but it's one of the things and we are not about to stop now.

Some other people who aren't about to stop are the lads over at the 'nail_sunny' Instagram account.


Because the Russian nail art chain have created some absolutely intense (and seriously impressive) royal wedding nail art and we are definitely here for it.

Like, we don't know if we'd want it hanging off the ends of our fingers but sure look, it's a bit different, each to their own and all.


'Nail_sunny' shared a photo of their creation of the nail art which includes Meghan all decked out in her Givenchy dress with a flower bouquet in hand.

Doesn't she look swell?

Harry, while looking dashing as always in his suit, doesn't really have the same level of finesse.


There he is there with his little head.


Bless him altogether, didn't he do well for himself?


Nail_sunny's post has already received over over 140,000 views too so fair play really.

Like, we don't know exactly how many people are going to want to be recreating this particular nail look, but sure look, what do we know?