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Melissa Joan Hart Gives Birth to Baby Boy
The 36 year old actress, who you may recognise as Sabrina or Clarissa, gave birth to a baby boy this week.

Do you remember Melissa Joan Hart? Well if not, she was the girl who used to be in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and was best buds with Britney Spears back in the day.

But that’s enough about the past, the actress has just given birth to a baby boy. And it’s not her first which makes us feel very old indeed!

Melissa Joan Hart rose to fame in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Melissa and her hubby Mark Wilkerson welcomed their third son, Tucker, into the world yesterday according to People magazine.

The former television star didn’t waste any time either telling the world about her new arrival. She took to Twitter earlier today to express her joy.

She wrote: “Baby boy Tucker has finally arrived! We waited all year to meet this lil man & we could not be more excited and relieved that he is in our arms!”


What a happy family: Melissa with her hubby and her two boys.

With four year old Braydon and six year old Mason to also look after at home, we’re sure it won’t be long until Melissa is hoping that she really was a witch and could put them to sleep with a point of a finger!

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