Millie Mackintosh drops hints about her upcoming wedding and it's the sweetest thing 3 years ago

Millie Mackintosh drops hints about her upcoming wedding and it's the sweetest thing

The big day is fast approaching.

We saw the hen party played out via Instagram recently, and on this week's episode of Girls With Goals, Millie Mackintosh offered up a few sweet tidbits ahead of her nuptials with fellow Made In Chelsea alum Hugo Taylor.


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After playing out relationship breakdowns, friendship spats, and some (in her words) questionable fashion choices... you can understand why, six years after departing our Made In Chelsea screens, the former reality TV star tends to keep her private life private. That being said, Millie joined us on this week's episode of Girls With Goals and when we mentioned her impending marriage to Hugo Taylor, to say she lit up is an understatement.

Happy Birthday my love and light @hugotaylorlondon ❤️

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Weddings are a joyous occasion, no doubt, but there's also a huge amount of planning and preparation that goes in. When asked about the nitty-gritty side of weddings, Millie offered a little insight into what people can expect from her big day. In particular, she revealed what she'll be doing with gifts (10.52), and it's incredibly sweet:

'A lot of weddings I've gone to recently people are saying no gifts, or they give to a charity which is actually what we're doing. I've also gone to weddings where there's a list, and you pick off something from the list and there's things ranging from less than 100 pounds to 1000 pounds and lots of people can chip in'.


We, of course, couldn't resist asking about the politics of 'plus ones' and whether they should be mandatory for the big day, Millie revealed that it's all down to personal taste... but weddings ARE a great place to meet people if you're single:

'I think when it comes to plus ones it all depends on the venue I think, how much space you've got, for me, I think weddings should be quite intimate, although it's quite fun for your single mates if they can bring a date... I know my single friends love weddings because it's a great opportunity to meet guys!'

My lucky charm at the races yesterday @hugotaylorlondon ❤️

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Aside from wedding jitters, we're also talking about some dodgy early 20's fashion styles (8.17), we quiz Millie on her Made In Chelsea knowledge (25.52) and we go RIGHT back to the beginning to find out her childhood aspirations (1.44).


When it comes to the wedding, the final countdown is officially on and judging by the look of things it's going to be a magical day, with not a 'sloaney' fashion faux pas in sight.