Millie Mackintosh felt 'snubbed' by former friend Meghan Markle after final text 4 months ago

Millie Mackintosh felt 'snubbed' by former friend Meghan Markle after final text

Millie Mackintosh has admitted that she felt snubbed by Meghan Markle after she started seeing Prince Harry.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star was close friends with the actress before she started dating the Prince. The pair met after Meghan moved to London while filming Suits.


Millie would show Meghan around the city and the two would hang out, but the reality star has now said this all changed when rumours of Meghan and Harry's relationship began circulating.

Speaking on her Mumlemmas podcast, Millie said that she had messaged Meghan at the start of their relationship to wish her well, but her response was not what was expected.

It was then that Millie decided to not contact Meghan again.

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"When I was there, we were chatting and she told me about Harry and that they were messaging, and a friend had introduced them," she said.

"I don’t know him, just to clarify, I’ve never met him. Me and Harry do not know each other, I’ve never met him. I didn’t really ask too much about it."

She explained her final text to Meghan saying: "I messaged her and said, “Hey I hope you’re ok, thinking of you,” and she sent me this really abrupt message, that was really unlike any of our communications before.


"It’s not like I messaged her asking if it was true, that was none of my business.

"What I read from that message was that she needed a bit of space, to cool off.

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"I didn’t message her again, but I did expect that we would stay in touch. I thought she’d message back and say, “Sorry everything is a bit stressful right now.”

"I never heard from her again. I felt like she’d basically told me to f**k off in that message. So I did. And we haven’t spoken since."

Meghan had just separated from film producer, Trevor Engelson, when the two got friendly and Millie was married to Professor Green at the time - the two bonded over their relationship issues.

"When we first met I was married, going through a bit of a turbulent time, and I got divorced, and she was divorced so we had quite a lot to talk about," Millie shared.

"That was quite bonding, and we were both into our wellness, she had a blog, we were both just into the same things.


"We hung out a handful of times, we weren’t best friends, but whenever she was in town she’d let me know and we would just hang out."


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