This is how much money Molly Mae will earn from a single Instagram post 3 years ago

This is how much money Molly Mae will earn from a single Instagram post

We're nearly at the finish line.

We couldn't wait for Love Island to come back on to our TV screens. Last year set the bar high and we were gagging to find out who we would be watching on telly night after night for eight weeks.


This season certainly didn't disappoint and there has been so many ups and downs.

Since Molly Mae arrived into the villa, she's been one of the main focuses of the show. From Maura going after Tommy, to the couple saying the 'L' word and everything that happened in between, it's been a whirlwind.

The social media influencer is officially the most followed Islander, and looking at a recent study, she's going to make a LOT of money when she leaves the villa.

Based on the eMarketer study, Digital Marketing experts at Rise at Seven worked out that it would take her just four Instagram posts to make the amount of money she might win on the final (if she gets that far).


The winning couple take home £50K between them, therefore £25K each. For Molly, she could earn this just with a handful of instagram posts as she has 2.1 million followers.

According to the study, this is what every Islander will potentially earn when they leave the show:

Molly Mae @mollymaehague 2,162,221 £7,211.73
Tommy Fury @tommytntfury 1,827,963 £6,096.87
Amber Rose @amberrosegill 1,389,325 £4,633.87
Maura Higgins @maurahiggins 1,137,580 £3,794.21
Curtis Pritchard @curtispritchard12 1,063,798 £3,548.12
Anna Vakili @annavakili_ 985,641 £3,287.44
Michael Griffiths @mac_griffiths_ 961,185 £3,205.87
Anton Danyluk @anton_danyluk 854,976 £2,851.63
Ovie Soko @oviesoko 807,513 £2,693.33
Jordan Hames @jxrdanhames 420,228 £1,401.60
Belle Hassan @bellehassan 337,993 £1,127.32
India Reynolds @lovefromreyn 328,477 £1,095.58
Greg Oshea @gregoshea 150,347 £501.46
Francesca Allen @francesca_allen 73,252 £244.32
Chris Taylor @christophertaylorofficial 63,735 £212.57
Harley Brash @harley_brash 53,460 £178.31