'There are no law suits' Kylie Jenner denies suing over use of 'Rise n Shine' lyric 1 year ago

'There are no law suits' Kylie Jenner denies suing over use of 'Rise n Shine' lyric

"Please don't believe everything you read."

Kylie Jenner has denied suing over the use of her "Rise n Shine" lyric.


The phrase, otherwise known as "Hrrrise n Shyyyne" or indeed "Riiiise hiiin Shiiine," became a global phenomenon just a few weeks back when a clip of the reality star singing to daughter Stormi made its way across the internet.

In the clip, Kylie enters Stormi's bedroom to awaken her with her lyric, only to discover that the child has already rose n shone of her own accord.

It quickly became a meme - and Kylie acted even quicker to make some merch in the form of a few hoodies, and even trademark the words. 

Now though, it appears as if the star has been accused of suing those who are using the lyric without her consent - an act that she has vehemently denied.

"Guys, please don’t believe everything you read. I have not sent any Rise and Shine cease and desist letters," she wrote on Twitter.


"Rise and Shine was an unexpected moment. I had a lot of fun with it, and I have laughed so hard seeing everyone’s memes since the video came out a few weeks ago.

"There are no law suits, no cease and desist letters. Happy Sunday."

Fair, but there's still the trademark, girl.


The company who initially appeared to have received a letter from Kylie was CASED Clothing.

They have since denied that this ever happened and have shut down their website "until all of this blows over."

"KYLIE HAS NOT SENT US ANY LETTERS," they wrote on Instagram. "We are not being sued."

"All Kardashian/Jenner “hate” comments will be deleted. We do not agree with bringing people down."


Cool guys, well thanks for clearing that up.