Olly Murs And Caroline Flack Do NOT Look Like "Just Friends" In This Picture 6 years ago

Olly Murs And Caroline Flack Do NOT Look Like "Just Friends" In This Picture

We think Olly Murs and Caroline Flack are trying to tell us something...

So after weeks and months of are they/aren't theys, Caroline Flack and Olly Murs have shifted in public.


Fans of the X Factor co-hosts went into absolute meltdown this week when Caroline shared a snap of the pair kissing on the lips, despite their constant dismissals of anything romantic going on.

The photo was taken in a photobooth at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of The Year Awards where Caroline took home the Ultimate TV Personality of the Year award.


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Caroline's followers were quick to jump on and tag their friends with "I told you so" and "FINALLY" messages.

One user said: “Told you they were getting it on… Look at the last picture" while another wrote “I just can’t cope with how absolutely adorable they are!"

The kiss comes after Olly firmly denied relationship rumours for the umpteenth time...


He told the Daily Mail: "Well, if it didn't happen three or four years ago then it isn't going to happen now. To be honest, it would mess everything up.

"Say me and Caroline slept with each other, then we had an argument but still had to work together. How would that work? There'd be friction.”

“We'd lose that flirtatious thing, that chemistry.”

Eh, we don't think there's any fear of that anytime soon... rascals.