Oprah Winfrey Made $12 Million After Sending This Tweet 6 years ago

Oprah Winfrey Made $12 Million After Sending This Tweet

Oprah was announced as a new brand ambassador and stakeholder for Weight Watchers just three months ago – but it seems she’s making the most of the partnership by sending just a single tweet.

The media mogul is believed to have made roughly $12million dollars in just over an hour after tweeting about her experience on the diet writing:


“I love bread. That’s the genius of this programme. I lost 26 pounds and I have eaten bread every single day.”

The tweet was clearly well received by anyone who has had to quit carbs to lose weight.

According to Market Watch, Weight Watchers shares jumped by 18 per cent following Oprah’s tweet.

Considering the chat show host owns 6.4 million shares, that jump translates to over $12 m in profit if she chose to sell them.


Oprah announced her plans to buy 10% shares of Weight Watchers International, and as well as joining its board of directors, now plans to act as a personal endorsement for the weight loss brand.

As well as following the programme, the 61-year old billionaire will document her results across her various media channels.