Peter Andre sends fans into a total frenzy with some very 'exciting news' 3 years ago

Peter Andre sends fans into a total frenzy with some very 'exciting news'


So fans are pretty darn convinced that Peter Andre is set to become a dad again.


Why, I hear you ask?

Well, the singer recently sent his instagram followers into a total frenzy, when he posted a very leading story.

In the Instagram story, Peter simply stated: "Some exciting news. I'll tell you Monday. Have a whopper day."

And so, the theories began, with most people concluding that he's having another baby with his wife, Emily.


One fan asked the simple (yes obvious) question: "Another baby on the way??"

Another wrote: "Another little Andre?" while another also added: "Emily is having a baby."

Now, we're not jumping to conclusions... but maybe we absolutely are?

peter andre

There were a number of other fans that reckon this secret announcement will be regarding a new album.  

They wrote: "It’s got to be another baby Either that or a new album."

One or the other, surely?

This top secret comes after Peter and his wife, Emily, opened up about parenting their kids.


Emily told OK! magazine:

"You just have to work as a team when you’re parenting and I’m sure lots of parents have had similar discussions."

"Of course you’re not always going to see eye to eye, but I guess you just have to pick the battles that you feel strongly about and then compromise on other things."

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn what Peter Andre has in store.