Piers Morgan makes nasty jibe at Scarlett Moffatt following Gogglebox news 5 years ago

Piers Morgan makes nasty jibe at Scarlett Moffatt following Gogglebox news

Not cool Piers, not cool.

You'd think that after numerous Twitter spats and fallings out with other famous faces, Piers Morgan might have learned to hold his tongue but NO.


His latest tirade is directed at Scarlett Moffatt, after news broke this week that the reality TV star's family would no longer be able to contribute to Gogglebox.

Discussing the subject on Good Morning Britain today, Piers had the following to say:

"It will be a bit tense in the Moffatt household. Young Scarlett becomes a big star through I’m A Celebrity and has now effectively ended her parents’ TV career".



He didn't stop there either, going on to say:

"I’m distraught by the Moffatts not being on Gogglebox as somebody who has never watched Gogglebox or even heard of the family - I couldn’t be less devastated".

That's grand Piers but a lot of people do care so you know, leave it out.


Scarlett took to social media last night to discuss the news that her family will no longer appear on the popular programme and you can see the background to that here.

A source spoke to The Mirror about the Moffatts being dropped from the show.

"The whole premise of Gogglebox is normal people commenting on the TV. Scarlett is now a celebrity in her own right so it made sense she wouldn’t continue.

"She [Scarlett] and her parents came as a package. It wouldn’t work so well without all three of them".

As previously mentioned, Piers is no stranger to public spats, with David Beckham, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen recently feeling the force of his wrath.