Piers Morgan just SLAMMED Ant and Dec for winning at the National Television Awards 3 years ago

Piers Morgan just SLAMMED Ant and Dec for winning at the National Television Awards


Last night, the National Television Awards were held in London.


Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly collected the award for 'Best Presenter' for the 18th time.

And needless to say, certain people were less than impressed.

Probably because of the fact that Ant McPartlin took the whole year off work, so didn't necessarily warrant an award.

Anyway, Piers Morgan didn't hold back this morning, as he talked about the duo and their win.


He said:

"It was Ant McPartlin’s speech that really cemented it for me. You mean, seriously, he hasn’t been on TV for a year. The only time he gets out of bed in the morning is to walk the dog!"

piers morgan

Piers also insulted the public (unsurprisingly):


He called the public "gullible", and said: "I’m still annoyed, I can’t lie. I’m still annoyed. You saw people win who barely worked last year!"

"Why did Ant and Dec win? I get why Dec won but why did Ant AND Dec win? He hasn't done any work for a year."

"Whatever they do, they win in year in year out. He could do an Andi Peters and sleep in a hammock on a beach for a year."

Anyway, despite the hate from Piers Morgan, Ant and Dec collected their award.


Ant said: "This is a genuine shock, especially this year."

piers morgan

"I'm shaking. We want to say thank you to everybody, I really don't feel like I can accept it, the one reason we won this award was this guy, his wit, his funniness, his determination, I love you pal."

Fair, he's not wrong.

Dec, clearly emotional, said:


"Thank you so much to everybody who sent kind and thoughtful messages, they kept me going while I was flying the flag for the two of us."

"But this year more than ever thank you to all of you who picked up the phone and voted for us. Special shout out to Dermot for saying he'd throw in the towel if we won, so happy retirement Dermot!"