Prince George will never become king, claims history writer 2 years ago

Prince George will never become king, claims history writer

He may not make it.

Prince George might never make it to the throne, according to a history writer, despite being only two generations away.


Novelist Hilary Mantel has revealed that she believes that while there are only two generations of kings set to reign before Prince George, the monarchy could easily die out before that time.

Speaking to The Times, the author said that the Queen and Prince Charles's devotion to the royal family is admirable, but she doesn't see it lasting that much longer.

She said: "It’s very hard to understand the thinking behind the monarchy in the modern world when people are just seen as celebrities."

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She added that the Queen and her eldest son currently are doing their jobs "as well as anyone possibly could" and "take it as seriously as anyone could," but it could be the end of the road after them.

Hilary was then asked how much longer she expected the monarchy to go on for, to which she replied saying that her "back of the envelope" estimation was only two generations.

And as Prince George is third in line for the throne, her predictions would indicate that his father Prince William will be the last king that Britain sees, with Prince George missing out.


Hilary is best known for her Wolf Hall trilogy that traces the rise of a blacksmith's son Thomas Cromwell to King Henry VIII's chief minister, and then to his downfall and execution.

Another royal author Robert Lacey claimed earlier this year that William and Kate waited until their son was seven years old to tell him that he would be king someday.

Waiting until his seventh birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to break the news gradually and allow him to live as normal as life as possible, for as long as possible.