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Prince Harry is Reportedly Giving up Booze and Women for the Next six Months
The Prince has apparently decided that it's time he changed his ways (for a little while at least).

So it seems like getting caught in the nip in Las Vegas has caused Prince Harry to rethink his life’s path. Ladies, the results of this think are quite interesting. Mainly because the Prince has reportedly decided to give up booze and women for six months (at least). Yes, really!

According to reports, after a bit of giving out from Prince Charles, Harry has decided to ban the two things that keep on getting him into trouble – copious amounts of alcohol and overly-friendly women.

Harry recently made his first public appearance since he was caught on camera playing strip billiards at a Los Vegas Party, but now, it is believed that the Price is planning on staying out of the lime light and going off the radar for the next few months.

Honestly? We can’t say we blame him really – especially given all the drama that his nudie pictures caused across the globe.

The Prince is reportedly giving up booze and women for the next few months.


“Harry’s been made well aware that he’s caused huge embarrassment to the Royal Family with his lads’ holiday in Vegas,” said a royal source, speaking to Now Magazine.

“He knows he shamed his family and while no official demands have been made on Harry to “behave” – he’s a bit too old to be punished by his father, after all – he’s sensibly decided to keep his nose clean for a few months. So that means no drinking and no girls,” the source added.

We guess we won’t be hearing of any Prince Harry-related antics for a few weeks then so. Is anyone else just a little bit disappointed about this fact?

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