Why Prince Harry and William aren't walking together at Prince Philip's funeral 2 weeks ago

Why Prince Harry and William aren't walking together at Prince Philip's funeral

The talk of the town, these two.

This weekend marks the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.


The man made it t ripe old age of 99, eventually passing away peacefully on the morning of April 9, and this Saturday he will be laid to rest surrounded by his nearest and dearest.

Due to Covid restrictions, just 30 people will be attending the Duke's funeral, most notably the Queen, her children, and of course, Prince Harry and Prince William.

It was reported earlier this week that the Queen had forgone the tradition of military uniforms at royal funerals so as not to embarrass her grandson Harry, who recently had his titles revoked after deciding to step back from his royal duties alongside wife Meghan.

Harry's return to the UK to bid farewell to his grandfather was met with much intrigue, namely around the absence of Meghan, who had been told not to fly while pregnant so that clears that up, alright?

Elsewhere, royal speculators remained interested to know whether Harry and William would speak during the visit. The brothers had a supposed but pretty much confirmed falling out a few years back, one which has only been encouraged by Harry's recent interview with Oprah.

Since then, Buckingham Palace have confirmed that Harry and William won't even be walking alongside one another during Saturday's funeral procession. But why won't the brothers be together, and is there any reason behind the decision other than 'they don't want to'?


Well, according to the palace as reported by PEOPLE, the procession order was "a practical change rather than sending a signal.

A spokesperson said: "This is a funeral and we are not going to be drawn into perceptions of drama. The arrangements have been agreed and represent Her Majesty's wishes."

Once inside St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, all guests will be seated at least six feet part, as per recommended Covid guidelines, so it looks like even if Harry and Will wanted to have a chat, they couldn't do, without the rest of the party hearing.

Well that's that then.