Prince Philip's car is currently for sale on Auto Trader, and the price is OUTRAGEOUS 2 years ago

Prince Philip's car is currently for sale on Auto Trader, and the price is OUTRAGEOUS

For the best though.

As we all know, the lovely Prince Philip was involved in a pretty bad fender bender a couple of weeks back.


The 97-year-old crashed into a car, flipping his own.

Remarkably, he was unharmed, but it brought into question whether or not the man should be driving at all.

Anyway, it seems as though Prince Philip is reconsidering his driving career.

Currently, the Prince's Range Rover is for sale on Auto Trader - not the one he crashed btw, his other vehicle.

The outrageous thing?

prince philip

The car is on sale for more than a new version of the same model, which some people find bonkers.


However, this specially modified 4.4-litre Range Rover Autobiography has just 3,200 miles on the clock and is in great condition.

Plus, you probably do pay a premium to own a royal car - think of all the people who have sat in?

In fact, this is the car that Prince Philip used to drive Michelle and Barack Obama in when they visited the UK in 2016.

Pretty special, if you ask us!

prince philip


The current asking price for Prince Philip's car is £129,850, with new versions of the model coming in around £105,000.

Jack Morgan-Jones, of Bramley Motor Cars, in Guildford, Surrey, who is selling the Duke’s Range Rover, told The Daily Mirror:

“It has a truly special history and is an automotive symbol of British heritage."

”It has unrivalled comfort and road presence."


“I can see why it’s a Royal favourite.”

We have no doubt that despite the mark up in price, this car will be snapped up in no time.