Prince William and Britney Spears reportedly had a 'cyber-relationship' 1 year ago

Prince William and Britney Spears reportedly had a 'cyber-relationship'

I'm not a girl, not yet a Duchess.

In news we never thought we'd share, it has been claimed that Prince William and Britney Spears had a "cyber relationship."


The British prince and pop star reportedly exchanged emails way back before Kate was in the picture.

Royal biographer Christopher Andersen claimed the pair connected when they were younger.

He told Us Weekly, “[William and Spears] tried to get together back when they were young, and he also had a kind of similar cyber relationship with Lauren Bush, the model and the niece of President Bush.

"There may have been phone conversations, but I don’t recall that they ever actually managed to get together during that period."


Britney actually commented on the relationship rumours in 2002. She revealed that the future king wanted to visit her.

She said: “We exchanged emails for a little bit, he was supposed to come see me somewhere, but it didn’t work out."

“He pretty much had his pick as he grew up of women to date … and there was always hope that he’d link up with somebody from another foreign noble family or something,” Andersen added.

The pair's connection quickly fizzled out, Anderson said.

Prince William met his now-wife Kate Middleton shortly after.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started dating in 2003. The royal couple met when they were both studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland in 2001.

Kate and William tied the knot in April 2011.

They have three children together- Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.