Rachel Riley apologises to Jedward over "flippant joke" 5 months ago

Rachel Riley apologises to Jedward over "flippant joke"

"And yet here you are spreading hate..."

Rachel Riley has apologised to Jedward over a "flippant joke" she made on Twitter.


The Countdown presenter made the joke while commenting on a recent anti-Semitic rant made by rapper Wiley.

Following the rapper's ban from the platform, Riley said: "He could have just done a duet with Jedward if he was that keen to end his career.

"An unprompted, still going, public antisemitic breakdown is a bizarre route to go down."

The twins, otherwise known as John and Edward, responded to Riley's tweet asking: "You are a patron for a Center for Countering Digital Hate?

"And yet here you are spreading Hate!! As anti bullying ambassadors we don't approve of this!"

Riley, who has since deleted her original tweet, apologised to the twins, claiming her comment was about "them not being particularly grime."


"Totally flippant joke about them not being particularly grime and no offence intended," she wrote. "Good meme below though, they’re nice boys and I didn’t think of the cumulative impact of jokes."

John and Edward then responded with the following:

Absolute scenes, truly.


This comes after John and Edward spent a considerable amount of time self isolating with none other than Tara Reid.

The twins were shacked up with the Hollywood actor and her boyfriend in her Los Angeles apartment at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"The other guys I have been in quarantine with are my two best friends who I have grown up with, Jedward," Reid told Page Six's We Hear podcast.


"We are all artists. And Jedward, you should see the songs they’re writing right now!"

"They have the guitar in their hands, they’re writing all these songs (...) we’re being entertained and we’re all feeling better about it.

"They have truly made this experience so much better than what it would have been for me."