The reason Katie Price is getting more plastic surgery actually involves Peter Andre 3 years ago

The reason Katie Price is getting more plastic surgery actually involves Peter Andre

A source has spoken about the situation.

It seems as though there is a reason why Katie Price is going under the knife once again.


Friends of the reality star claim that Katie wants to get revenge on her ex, Peter Andre.

"Katie hasn't felt herself since her weight gain and she vowed to become a sex symbol again to coincide with the anniversary of her split from Pete," a friend recently said to Closer magazine.

The pal continued:

"She felt she had no choice but to undergo the procedures, which were motivated by wanting him to desire her like he once did - she even recalls how he would always compliment and kiss her flat tummy."


Apparently, Katie Price was also devastated when she learned her ex, Kieran, had moved on with a new woman.

"Katie was crushed when she saw the snaps of Michelle with Jett and Bunny. She won't listen to any reason and is convinced Michelle and Emily are trying to sabotage her happiness and are deliberately rubbing it in, so having this surgery is her way of getting revenge," the source went on.

"In her eyes, there's no better way to do this and try to have Pete and Kieran lusting after her again."


This all comes after Katie shared a snap of her herself, saying:

"I know I look unrecognisable here but 4 days after surgery so very swollen but can't believe how quick I'm recovering from my surgery from head to toe excited for the results."

She added: "Wait for my before and after pictures so now I've had a kick start more healthy eating and training so now media won't said I've piled on the pounds and say I look pregnant etc."

Do what you gotta do, gal.