"I didn't do it": Rebekah Vardy sobs in TV interview after Wagatha Christie defeat 1 year ago

"I didn't do it": Rebekah Vardy sobs in TV interview after Wagatha Christie defeat

The interview will air today.

In her first official interview since losing her libel case against Coleen Rooney, Rebekah Vardy can be seen sobbing as she insists she "did not do it."


In a teaser clip from an upcoming interview with TalkTV's Kate McCann, the 40-year-old wife of footballer Jamie Vardy gets emotional.

Last week, Vardy, 40, lost her libel case against Coleen Rooney, 36, following their high-profile Instagram incident that saw the latter publicly expose the former as the person responsible for allegedly providing details of "false stories" to media outlets.

The clip opens with a screenshot of Rooney's original Wagatha Christie messages, followed by Vardy herself saying: "Oh come on… you can't ask me that."

"The interview they all wanted," the clip continues, before Vardy adds, "I will say it till I'm blue in the face, I didn't do it."


Ultimately, Vardy believes she was "let down by the legal system."

Reacting to the clip, one Twitter user wrote: "Surely she won't get herself in even more legal hot water.."


"Why is she being given more of a platform and no doubt more money?" another added.

The emotional interview is due to air on August 3 on UK and Irish TV.


Legal experts now believe Vardy could be facing a hefty £3m legal bill as she may have to pay Rooney's bill as well, totalling £1.5m

"The judge won't necessarily order Mrs Vardy to cover all of it," legal expert Jack Ridgway told The Sun. "It is, in fact, rare for a winning party to recover all of their legal costs. As a generalisation, winning parties recover about 70 per cent."

Similarly, Lawyer Mark Stephens said Vardy would be smart to make a "quiet life on a remote island somewhere" after she was branded a gossip.

"Because whenever she appears in the media, she is always going to be branded 'gossip Rebekah Vardy', 'betrayer of confidences Rebekah Vardy'," he explained. "Those kinds of epithets are going to live with her for some considerable time".