REVEALED: Exactly What Kimye Requested While On Their Irish Honeymoon! 6 years ago

REVEALED: Exactly What Kimye Requested While On Their Irish Honeymoon!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Irish honeymoon made more than a few headlines back in May when the couple flew here after marrying in Florence.

Their honeymoon requests have since come to light and the list isn't quite as lavish as you might expect. It included Netflix, a range of DVDs, a (very) large TV, extra pillows and a pack of playing cards.


However there were a couple of extra demands including an Irish flag to be flying from Castle Olivier on their arrival and a hot tub waiting on standby.

The couple flew into Cork and stayed at the Castlemartyr resort before moving on to Castle Olivier in Limerick for a couple of days. Kim and Kanye then rounded off their whistle-stop tour of Ireland with a mini-break in Laois.

According to, Patricia L. Blanche, owner of LCF Custom Travel & Tours wrote to Siobhan Byrne Learat of Adams & Butler Luxury Travel outlining Kimye's specific requests.

"From what we're hearing, it would appear they're going to spend plenty of downtime at the Castle, and are looking forward to watching movies and just spending alone time together.

I know you’ve already brought in a large TV (get the biggest one you can) and they have requested a DVD collection be brought in. Someone on your staff may have a collection we can cobble together for the weekend, but my other suggestion is to have your staff pick up a Roku streaming player".

“You can hook it up to the TV and WiFi and they can download movies on demand from Amazon, HBO, Netflix, etc., which may make it easier. Feel free to purchase what you need and establish any online account you need in order to facilitate that.”

"[You] might want to pick up some playing cards too".