Roz Purcell fractures leg in "freak accident" 1 week ago

Roz Purcell fractures leg in "freak accident"

"They were like, 'did you hear it snap?'"

Roz Purcell has fractured her leg in a "freak accident" while playing tennis.


The influencer and Hike Life founder took to Instagram to share the news today, posting a series of Stories detailing her journey to A&E and the multiple tests she had undergone.

Posting a video of herself being driven to the hospital with an ice pack wrapped around her leg, Roz later confirmed that she had broken her fibula while playing tennis.

"It was a freak accident, I wasn’t even doing anything," she said. "Listen, I’ve been crawling up the side of mountains, rock climbing. I was literally just stepping backwards, playing tennis. It was a freak, freak accident."

Sharing consistent updates through the day, Roz informed her followers that she may need surgery due to the awkward way the bone had fractured. Doctors later told her she would not.

She described the pain as: "You know when you hurt something so badly you feel like you’re going to projectile vomit? That’s what it was like.

"They were like, 'did you hear it snap?' I didn’t hear it snap but I knew."


Later, Roz shared that doctors believe she may have br0ken her foot as well as her leg. She said that she can no longer claim to have never broken a bone or gotten a filling. "I'm just left with the filling," she said.

Roz is best known for her Miss Universe Ireland status, her love of good food, and for her outdoor brand, the Hike Life. A few weeks back the influencer confirmed that the next collection she releases under the brand will be size inclusive, with sizes ranging from 4 - 30.

Roz had received some backlash following the release of her first collection, which did not cater to bigger bodies.


At the time she apologised for the misstep and promised to do better.