Saoirse Ronan says she worked with some 'incredibly chauvinistic' people 1 year ago

Saoirse Ronan says she worked with some 'incredibly chauvinistic' people

"Talking over you, I'm not really into that."

Saoirse Ronan has said that she has worked with some "incredibly chauvinistic" people in the film industry.

The Mary Queen of Scots actor said that she had been talked over on set on multiple occasions and also experienced other sexist behaviour while working.

“Talking over you, I’m not really into that," she said. "When someone calls you a little lady or an angel – I’m not into that either.”

“You could be on a film set every single day and know the story inside and out and you’re going to ask a question about the next camera set-up with the director, and the cinematographer will be talking over you, and won’t stop talking.

"And I’d be like, sorry, can you just? I was just in the middle of that."

Speaking to students in Dublin's Scoil Chaitríona, Ronan said that it doesn't happen often but that when it does, it's baffling.

"It has only happened a handful of times but it does happen, and it is a bit mind-blowing when it does," she said.

This comes after Ronan attended this year's Met Gala wearing a sequinned Gucci gown with flames across her chest and shoulder pads for days.

Nailed the camp theme, anyway.