Selena Gomez to produce new true crime docuseries 5 months ago

Selena Gomez to produce new true crime docuseries

It sounds gripping.

Selena Gomez is set to produce a new true crime series called Mi Vecino, El Cartel (The Cartel Among Us)


The series follows the cold-blooded murder of Juan Guerrero Chapa, a former cartel lawyer and high-level cooperator for the U.S. government, as well as the subsequent investigation and trial that followed.

The intricate case is said to have “rocked a quiet suburban town in Texas and launched a multiyear international investigation”.

"As a true crime fan, I was immediately captivated when I heard the story surrounding the homicide of Juan Guerrero Chapa," Selena said. "Not only did it take place close to my hometown in Texas, but it was also a story unlike anything I've ever heard."

The Spanish-language series will air on Univision, an upcoming global subscription streaming service.


Rodrigo Mazon, executive vice president at Univision, said he hopes the partnership with Selena is is only the beginning of their work together.

"We certainly hope to do more with her," Mazon said. "Selena Gomez is obviously a superstar — there's probably nobody bigger — and she also cares a lot about elevating Latin voices and storytelling.

"So the match was perfect. It is a pretty gripping and thrilling and crazy story, so we felt that it would be extremely interesting to everyone in the Spanish-speaking world and around the world to hear about it."

He added that the network hopes to amplify more "voices and stories from female Latina storytellers, because that is also a group that has incredible stories."


Selena has previously worked as an executive producer on Netflix's hit show 13 Reasons Why.