Selling Sunset fans are convinced Chrishell and Jason have split up 1 year ago

Selling Sunset fans are convinced Chrishell and Jason have split up

Say it ain't so.

You tell us anything about Selling Sunset and we're hooked, but fans are now convinced there's bad news when it comes to some of the stars.


While we didn't get to see a whole lot of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's new and blossoming romance, it seems like we might never get a chance to see it on screen.

The fifth season has finished filming, so there is a chance we'll see some of it there but now fans are convinced that might be all as they speculate the pair have split up.

Taking their suspicions to the Selling Sunset thread on Reddit, one fan showed every little detail that has led them to believe they are no longer together.


"So, I don't have any confirmation, this is all speculation on my end...I just think this adds to the rumour going around that Jason & Chrishell split up a while ago..." they wrote.

"Nov 15th: She shares in her stories that she put up a stocking for each member of the house. Chrishell, Jason, Gracie, Niko, and Zelda (you can also see the names on the stockings). The human's stockings are the big solid red ones, the kids are the checkered ones (the girls have red & Niko has blue). As you can see the stockings take up the entire rod.

"Today, Dec 14th: She shared in her stories a feature of her and Gracie for PETA. In the same story, if you pause and look in the background, you can see that there's only one red checkered stocking (Gracie's) and one solid red one (Chrishell's)...


"I have a lot more from snooping and Sherlocking around on all of them but thought this, in particular, was interesting. Thoughts?"

And this person isn't the only one who thinks this, other fans were quick to agree, with one saying: "I’ve sadly been thinking the rumours are true, nice sleuthing!

Another added: "This makes me sad though, but they were posting pictures/stories left and right together and then nothing since Thanksgiving."

Fingers crossed they're just rumours.