Shirley Ballas to undergo organ scans after lump spotted by fans 1 year ago

Shirley Ballas to undergo organ scans after lump spotted by fans

She has new updates.

Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas is now set to undergo a number of organ scans after fans spotted a lump under her arm on the show.


After discovering that she was suffering from abnormally high levels of testosterone, Shirley has now revealed that her doctor has given some stark details of her condition.

Speaking to The Sun, Shirley said that her doctor told her that "the level of testosterone in her body" was the highest he had ever seen in a female patient.

The 61-year-old has had previous cancer scares, and told the publication: "My NHS doctor is very good, so the fact that she is concerned makes me concerned – and she was mortified by my results.


"She said I have the highest testosterone levels she’s ever seen in a woman, and testosterone can wreak havoc on the female organs. So she’s requested an urgent scan of all of my organs at King’s College, London."

The professional dancer said that her doctor does not want to speculate on what this might be indicating and instead is looking to get her levels under control before seeing "what else is there."

Shirley has been keeping fans updated on her health after some had spotted a lump under her arm on Strictly and thank viewers for spotting her symptoms.

Speaking about the ordeal, Shirley said on her Instagram that doctors had gotten back some "concerning" results after she went for blood tests.


"The doctor said that she thought my levels were not right, my hormone levels weren’t right," she said.

Adding that her testosterone and oestrogen levels aren't as they should be, she added: "All in all, a little concerning for my doctor."

The 61-year-old also said: "Any way to each and every one of you who started me on this road thank you so much.


"I’ll keep you all updated, each and every one of you."