Someone in Dublin is selling a life sized Oprah on DoneDeal 2 weeks ago

Someone in Dublin is selling a life sized Oprah on DoneDeal

So many questions.

DoneDeal is a great place for finding bits like furniture or cars, sometimes even clothes but every so often something more unusual turns up.


Yesterday a life sized Oprah was uploaded by a seller in Dublin and we can't help but wonder why someone had a life sized Oprah doll to begin with?

Not going to lie, aside from the wonky eyelashes the face is pretty close to that of the famous TV host.

Given that Harry and Meghan would have had to do their recent interview with Oprah from at least two feet away would they have even copped if it was the doll?

That would be some twist.

The listing went up yesterday and the seller, who has not provided a picture but has called themselves Del, is looking for €500.

Given that Oprah is worth billions that's a bargain.


From the look of the photos provided it seems like she might have been part of a themed pub or something similar.

Given how many venues have had to remain closed during lockdown it would make sense that some would be selling off some of their items.

With a bit of digging for all I know there may be more life sized celebs on DoneDeal just waiting for a new home.

It's also possible it was bought for a party and now is just taking up space.


I had a 1980s themed birthday party for my 30th a couple of years back and had a life sized David Hasselhoff as part of the decorations.

He probably would have ended up on DoneDeal too if he hadn't accidentally been thrown in the skip when we were getting rid of our old oven and fridge.

If you're interested in getting yourself a life sized Oprah the listing is still on DoneDeal.