"Have a day off": Stacey Solomon responds to nasty mum-shamers 3 months ago

"Have a day off": Stacey Solomon responds to nasty mum-shamers

"Take a day off"

Stacey Solomon has responded to mum-shamers in the most perfect way. The presenter was hit with backlash after she went to get her nails done.


She told her followers that she took some time away from her family to treat herself. Most of her followers were delighted to see Stacey look after herself, but others were less than impressed.

Stacey wrote on Instagram;

"I left Joe with all the kids and literally ran out of the house to get my nails done. Probably should have washed my hair but I’ve been desperate to have nice nails, and just drive somewhere."

Stacey said "it felt nice" to do something for herself.


However, one follower sent the mum a judgemental message after her salon visit.

She said, "Very impractical nails for a newborn."

Stacey responded to the comment with a video of her cuddling baby Belle.

She quipped, "Well, I think they’re really practical!"


"They’re great for tickles, head strokes… Belle’s absolutely loving them!"

"This one’s really good for picking out bogies," the mum laughed.

"Will I end up with poo underneath them at the end of every day? Probably! But, I’ve got a nail brush, I wash my hands, it’ll be fine!"

The mum-of-five added, "Have a day off Wilma. It’ll be ok, I promise."


Stacey gave birth to her daughter Belle on February 7th. She is her third child with husband Joe Swash, and Stacey's fifth child.

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