Stacey Solomon pays tribute to late family members during wedding 2 months ago

Stacey Solomon pays tribute to late family members during wedding

She paid tribute to Joe's father and her grandfather.

After giving fans a glimpse of her wedding to Joe Swash, Stacey Solomon has shared how her wedding honoured the loved ones they have lost.


The singer, who tied the knot last weekend, told her Instagram followers about how they honoured Joe's father, who he lost when he was 11, and Stacey's late grandfather.

She wrote: "Joe lost his father at the age of 11 and so did my dad. A huge part of our wedding day was reflecting on how this had a huge effect on them and how hard it is, even to this day to deal with."

She then explained that she has copyrighted the images, and requested that media outlets who use them make a donation to a bereavement charity. You can view the photos on her Instagram page right here.


She continued: "These memories are so special to us and it would mean the absolute world to us if they made a difference to children growing up with the loss and heartache that my father and my husband did. Thank you for respecting our wishes. Lots of love Mr & Mrs Solomon-Swash."

Stacey and Joe began dating in 2015, and they got engaged in 2020. The pair live together in what is affectionately known as Pickle Cottage in Essex. In 2019, they welcomed their first child together, a baby boy, and in October, they welcomed a daughter. Stacey is also a mum two boys from previous relationships, and she is a step-mother to Joe's older son.

At their wedding, they were joined by their loved ones in their home for their special day, and what followed was a night of dancing.


For their first dance as a married couple, they chose Whitney Houston's My Love Is Your Love.

"Me and my husband," she wrote on Instagram. "I don’t think I will ever get used to saying that. It all feels like a dream."