Stacey Solomon recounts 'traumatic' 72-hour birth of her first son, Zachary 2 years ago

Stacey Solomon recounts 'traumatic' 72-hour birth of her first son, Zachary

Stacey Solomon has said that her 72-hour birth was "traumatic" and "one of the most horrendous experiences of my life."

The mum gave birth to her firstborn, Zachary, when she was 17-years-old.


Writing in her Fabulous column for The Sun, the singer and presenter recounted the experience, saying that she had never been told how traumatic birth can be.

She said that she felt like "the real details" had been kept from her.

"I went into labour utterly unprepared for how traumatic it would be. Zachary’s birth was a gruelling 72 hours of what I can only describe as utter hell.

"I had never encountered pain like that of a contraction. Up until that moment the most pain I’d been through was a deep paper cut – so you can imagine my complete shock."

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Stacey went on to say that after hours, she was finally given an epidural.

Then, the doctors approached her with what she described as "BBQ tongs" (forceps) and she said her mum told them they weren't to use those.


Zachary was then pulled from her and Stacey said that she didn't think she was "much use" in that moment, but once he was born, it didn't matter.

In fact, she said, nothing did.

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"Lots of people describe an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy the first moment they held their baby in their arms. I didn’t feel much at all.

"I just remember being hungry and thinking I can’t wait to go to sleep."


Zachary turned 10-years-old this week, and Stacey said even though it didn't feel like it in the moment, his birthday was the best day of her life.